100 Shot Paper Roll Caps for toy cap guns


Made in Germany

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One pack of 100 SHOT ROLLS. (THESE ARE OUR C-100 MODEL CAPS) PAPER ROLL CAPS. THATS 2400 SHOTS! – MADE IN GERMANY . These are Imperial Toy Legends of the Wild West paper roll caps.
These top of the line caps are extra load. These caps can also be used with any cap gun (old or new) that use ROLL CAPS! THESE WORK VERY WELL WITH OUR BRONCO & MAVERICK POP UP BOX MODEL CAP GUNS. (THESE DO NOT WORK IN CAP GUNS WITH A SPINDLE DESIGNED TO ONLY USE PERFORATED ROLL CAPS, LIKE THE MATTEL FANNER 50) Be careful, they are extra loud and may shoot sparks!

These work in most vintage and new 50 shot paper roll cap guns but you may need to tighten the roll slightly to put these in some cap pistols designed for 50 shot paper roll caps.

Do not fire closer than 1 foot to the ear and body .
Do not fire indoors.
Caps should be used only under adult supervision.
Each cap contains less then 0.20 grains of powder.
Do not fire near eyes or ears.
Do not carry caps loose in pocket.


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