American Made Toy Gun Models for sale

Wild West Toys manufactures western toy guns here in the U.S.A. most of the toy guns we make are manufactured right here in Texas! While searching warehouses for molds and tooling we have also found vintage new old stock of some wonderful American made western toy cap guns! Here are the models that are available at this time. Thanks for shopping with Wild West Toys.

Bronco 44 toy cap gun

The Bronco 44 long barrel model toy cap gun manufactured by Wild West Toys has several different models with different grip styles and plating. CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Maverick pop up cap box toy gun

Our Maverick die cast metal cap gun with the pop up cap box is another very durable toy with a very rich history and lots of grip colors to choose from. $29.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP


The TEXAS long barrel die cast metal U.S.A. made cap gun is another wonderful model with a lot of grip colors and styles to choose from. $27.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Cheyenne Roy Rogers Mustang toy cap gun

Wild West Toys Cheyenne model die cast western toy cap gun has a few grip colors to choose from and is a good tough toy gun and a great buy at $25.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Nichols Dyna Mite Derringer

The Nichols Dyna Mite derringer was 1957’s toy of the year and there is no wonder! Lots of grip colors to chose from. This is one cool toy cap gun and a bargain for $9.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP