Imported toy guns for sale

Wild West Toys also stocks several imported western toy cap guns! These cowboy toy gun models are manufactured in Spain, Italy and China. Here are some of the models we have in stock at this time. Thanks for shopping with Wild West Toys ToyGunTown.

John Wayne replica 45 cap gun

This is a replica full size cap gun. Heavy and single action just like the real thing! CLICK HERE TO SHOP

GOHNER 12 shot cowboy toy cap gun

The Gohner 12 shot Cowboy cap gun is made in Spain $26.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Edison Cowboy Cap toy Gun

The Edison Cowboy is a 12 shot toy cap gun pistol made in Italy $19.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP

gonher toy cap gun

This is an 8 shot Gohner Buckaroo cowboy toy cap gun made in Spain $21.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP

KUSAN toy cap gun

Originally manufactured by the Nichols Kusan toy cap gun company this model is now made in China but is a die cast metal to pistol $7.95 CLICK HERE TO SHOP