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Mar 29

We are turning Wild West Toys .com into a shopping cart site

The TOYGUNTOWN WEBSITE is with a server that we are trying to move from so you may not be able to shop on the website at this time! Wild West Toys has been using as our shopping cart website for several years now but now we are making also a shopping cart …

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Mar 29

Wild West Toys Cap Guns on the Science Channel TV show How It’s Made

Dec 03

Our Shopping cart site is back up

After being down for almost 2 full days ( December 1 and 2 ) We are back online. Click on the photo to shop! Thanks.

Dec 01


Our shopping cart site WWW.TOYGUNTOWN.COM IS DOWN! We are working on this! If you need to order please call 817-444-4320.

Jun 02

Wild West Toys stocks every kind of toy cap gun caps

Wild West Toys stocks every kind of toy cap gun caps! Paper roll caps, 12 shot ring caps, 8 shot ring caps, plastic strip caps, plastic single shot caps we even have some vintage American made caps.

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